[firstaidinthekitchen 6] – when the food gets stuck in your throat

Literally. LOL.

Airway obstruction is quite common and most often the cause is food. For example, nuts or carrots that go wrong, fish bones, etc. 🙂 Or bubble water. Or, especially for small children, magnets, balls or small toys.

I managed to get some peas stuck in my throat when I was an adult, and I coughed so hard that I later ended up in pneumonia. I do not recommend. 🙂

In order not to end up in such a situation, eating should be a relaxing and unhurried activity. 🙂 And don’t try to see what the magnets taste like… :))))

First aid is the difference between a light case of a person who can speak and breathe, but who coughs, in which case we wait for him to recover or intervene if the situation worsens and a serious case of a person who can no longer speak, he hisses or coughs very hard and, as you have seen in the movies, he grabs his neck with his hands. Situation in which it is intervened with knocks on the back or with the Heimlich maneuver or, if it becomes unconscious, compressions.

(Don’t you know what Heimlich is? Go take a first aid course!!!)

The idea is for the person to clear their airways, eliminate the object that blocks them and be able to breathe normally, alone or with the help of someone else.

If he becomes unconscious, you must call an ambulance. A doctor’s check may also be necessary when the maneuvers or object have led to secondary accidents.

As a general idea, at least once in your life you should take a practical first aid course at the Red Cross or elsewhere (ask beforehand if the course is only theoretical or has a practical part). Also, you should have a mini first aid kit on hand – you never know when you’ll need it. 🙂

Bibliography: European First Aid Manual, 2006; International First Aid and Resuscitation Guidelines, IFRC, 2016.

Learn first aid to have time for real kitchen disasters. 🙂 See destroyed recipes here. 🙂 If you are passionate about reading, join the #cookingbookclub here. 🙂 If you try the recipe, don’t forget to post pictures on our facebook page.

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