Special ep. [fromcommunism] – căcăuele

Well, but what are “căcăuele”? 🙂 They are small cakes with jam, cocoa and nuts, similar to muffins and cut with a glass, in the shape of a crescent. Hence the name in Romanian – the synonym for crescent is “semilună”.

The recipe comes from Oana’s mother’s notebook. 🙂 You need 3 eggs, 1 cup sugar, 1/2 cup oil, 3 tablespoons marmalade (doesn’t matter what kind), 1 tablespoon cocoa, 1 cup yogurt, 1 teaspoon baking soda, 250-300 grams of flour, vanilla sugar, rum essence (a bit), 200 grams of chopped walnuts.

Whole eggs are beaten together with a cup of sugar and oil. Nowadays the mixer can be used. 🙂 In the composition add the marmalade mixed separately with cocoa, baking soda, vanilla sugar and rum essence. At the end, add the flour, with a spoon, stirring from the bottom up, so that the foamy dough does not collapse.

The composition is poured into a greased pan and lined with flour (or baking paper). Spread the chopped walnuts on top. Put in the hot oven. When it is noticed that it has risen, the fire subsides.

For muffin lovers, the cake is poured into the muffin tray. 🙂 And it comes out as in the picture above. 🙂

It’s ready when the toothpick comes out clean. Probably in about 30-45 minutes – depending on the oven.

Try not to burn it too hard!!! 🙂

See here all the disasters in the kitchen. 🙂  If you try the recipe, don’t forget to post some photos on our Facebook page.

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