Special [cookingbookclub] ep. – cappelletti veggie soup

Well, only those who did not have to improvise something to eat in a short time do not recognize the benefits of recipes that are made in a maximum of 30 minutes, as written in the recipe taken from the site of Mega Image.

Basically, if you have the soup base and the pasta ready made, you put the pasta in the soup and wait for it to boil, you put some more basil on top and voila, you came out with a meal (for lunch, probably). 🙂

If you only have the basic ingredients and you are stubborn to do everything from scratch, well, then it may take longer. And you might don’t want to repeat the experience. :))))

For the vegetable soup base you will need root vegetables (carrot, celery, parsley root), onion, possibly bell pepper and celery; plus salt, pepper, vegeta, to taste. I prefer more vegetables and less vegeta, but if your fridge is a bit empty, then make up for it with a cube or two of vegetable concentrate. (The downside is that the result will be a bit salty and less nutritious). Put the veggies on the fire in a pot, foam, let it simmer, preferably until the vegetables get soft (do not boil them until they are mushy, please). If you also want vegetables in soup, then cut them into small pieces from the beginning; if you don’t want to, when they are cooked, take them out and use only the soup.

Cappelletti “caps” pasta are pasta that is originally stuffed with a combination of meat and cheese, cooked in a chicken or rooster soup, which is eaten on special occasions, at the beginning of a Sunday or Christmas meal, in some parts of northern Italy. (6-8 per serving). Yeah, just like a ravioli that looks a bit different, like a cap of Spanish soldier. 😛

I made them with carrots, red onions, celery and peppers (vegetables grated or finely chopped and hardened with a little oil, then drain the oil as much as possible).

The dough is made of 3 eggs and 2 cups and a quarter of flour (or 4 large eggs and 3 cups and a quarter of flour, etc.), plus a pinch of salt. Mix the ingredients, knead the dough until smooth and silky. 😛 Then cut into 3-4 pieces, so that it can be worked more easily, spread out on a thin sheet and cut into circles or squares.

The disaster of me no longer knows if I followed the recipe (did I? :D), but I know that I had a terrible dough. I struggled to stretch it – it’s true that my patience was already at its limit – and it seemed too much for my soup pot anyway, so I used about half of it and froze the rest for another time.

On each circle of dough, you put a little vegetable composition, then sprinkle the edges with water (so you can glue them more easily) and glue the stuffed pasta in semicircles, then bring the tips forward, giving it the shape of a hat. Or leave them as they are. :)))))) If you didn’t understand anything, here are the some pictures.

Because I didn’t drain them, they didn’t stick together. Plus, as a disaster, I tried to make some really small ones. 😀 Then I cut some bigger circles. :)))) And, of course, that my dough was thicker, because I couldn’t stretch it thin enough. 😛

I boiled them directly in the soup, because I was a little hungry, but you can also boil them separately. If you’ve done more, you can freeze some.

Well, what I want to say is that the end result was disastrously tasty! 🙂 Because I cheated, and I also put a chicken leg in the vegetable soup and because, doing several things in parallel, I boiled the soup over a very low heat.

See here all the disasters in the kitchen. 🙂 If you try the recipe, don’t forget to post some photos on our Facebook page.

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