Cookingbookclub 8| Mega Image’s recipes

As you remember this year we cook from # 321sourceofinspiration, the second being Mega Image’s Recipes.

These people’ recipes are kind of broken. To my surprise. For instance, the picture, the list of ingredients and the description are 3 different things. Or the recipes are put in some dubious categories. So if you haven’t come up with what it looks like in the pictures, don’t despair. It’s really good. :))))

Linguine with herbs, also called pasta with pesto. It’s just that in my case they were spaghetti with spices, because Parmesan and I are not friends. Yet.

Vegetable soup with cappelletti. You will have a lot of fun if you start doing everything from scratch. Perfect for those who stay home and complain that they are bored. LOL. 😛

Our club’s next virtual meeting will be in early May.

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