Ep. 91 – 321 dough (linzer, isler)

Well, you will see the best pictures today, the ones for guests, but to get to this level I can tell you that I burned a few trays of cookies in the last two or three Christmases. 🙂

Dough 321 as I name it, to make it easier to remember, is a very fine dough that is not very easy to work with. Or at least I swear every time, after which I enjoy the end result, after which I forget. And then I start over. :)))

For a portion of dough you need 300g flour, 200g butter 82% fat, 100g powdered sugar – 321 🙂 – 1 egg, salt, 1 vanilla sugar or vanilla essence, grated peel of a lemon. In a bowl, the soft butter, at room temperature, rub it with powdered sugar, then add the egg and salt. At the end, incorporate the flour with a spoon. Make a ball of slightly sticky dough, put it in the fridge for at least half an hour – an hour (or until the next day). It needs to get harder, otherwise you won’t be able to stretch it. On the table or plate, sprinkle with flour, spread the dough with a rolling pin, in a sheet of approx. 3-4 millimeters, then cut the cookies.

For the linzer use the dough above, cut round circles, half full, half with the middle empty (depending on what shapes you have). If the dough softens, keep in the fridge until you can work with it. Because I don’t make them very thick or very big, I got a total of about 30-40 final pieces. Bake at 180 degrees for about 10 minutes on baking paper. They must remain white. After burning a tray or two you will catch the temperature and time. 🙂 Be careful when transferring them, as they are very fragile and break. 🙂

When they have cooled, grease the circles full with 150g jam (raspberries, apricots or whatever you have, I put peaches this year) and glue them two by two, with the half cut on top, then powder with 80g powdered sugar, for the impression artistic.

If you make linzer, then in the dough replace 100g of flour with 100g of ground walnuts. You will cut the dough into full round circles, which will stick after cooling two with a chocolate ganache: 100g of 50% cocoa chocolate, broken into pieces in a bowl, over it you will put 100g of heated liquid cream (without boil) in the microwave or in a bain-marie (steamed, in a pot of water), rum essence if you want. After the chocolate melts, stir with a whisk while it cools. Above, the resistance piece, the chocolate icing: another 100g of chocolate, some hot water, a tablespoon of powdered sugar and some butter – that’s how it was written on the internet. Well, I hit a round, but it came out a bit thick, the second round of chocolate I burned in the microwave – yes, I managed that too !!! 😀 – and round three came out again a weird stuff. Next time I’m looking for another recipe, from the simple ones category, with cocoa and butter, that maybe-maybe… 😛

They are kept in a box and eaten on holidays. 🙂 Until next time… 😉

See here all the disasters in the kitchen. 🙂 f you try the recipe, don’t forget to post pictures on our facebook page.

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