Ep. 82 – zucchini noodles with sauce

Well, it doesn’t matter the sauce – although, obviously, it was about it in the recipe on page one hundred and seventy-something, because the disaster in me lit up when saw the zucchini noodles. ? Because if we don’t burn things in the kitchen, my multiple personalities and I like to push our limits. ?

And now a little parenthesis: no matter how good, and tasty, and full of vitamins and other are the pumpkins and his brothers, zucchini, I did not put my mouth on such a thing until the moment I received as food on the plane a casserole with a kind of vegetarian kind that contained almost raw zucchini. A blasphemy in Romanian cuisine, a small miracle for me, because, almost raw, zucchini were edible. Which is why I managed to diversify my vegetable options. (What, did you feel like I wasn’t once a kinder who only ate potatoes and schnitzel? :))))

Zucchini noodles are made using either a machine/ robot that cuts them in a spiral, or a special grater, or a vegetable peeler that cuts julienne. I just didn’t have the utensils in my kitchen. So I improvised big time. ?

I used an alien to clean vegetables and cut zucchini into lengths, then with a very sharp knife (from the one kept for enemies ?) I cut it into julienne slices. Aka julienne in length. The result didn’t look like spirals, but the it was better than I would have thought.

The thing is to get zucchini that do not have too many seeds, otherwise you can throw the inside. (Or use it for something else). Phase number 2 is to be able to prepare them without softening completely, since they are only water. ? You can eat them raw or make like me, in a pan with 1 tablespoon of olive oil, discard the vegetable noodles (dry), mix gently for a maximum of 1-2 minutes and remove from the heat. Pour the juice of half a lime on top and set aside.

If you want a vegan dish, you can use a sauce of tomatoes and mushrooms or tomatoes and other vegetables. If you are not vegan, use what you have in the fridge, in my case a beef sauce with a lot of carrots. ? (Creativity in the kitchen is a must!)

And look, we managed to get a recipe from book number five proposed at the September/ October cookingbookclub, The Oh She Glows Cookbook, by Angela Liddon. The next book, the last one this year, appears in November.

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