Ep. 75 – Oktoberfest, Bavarian feast with local ingredients

Grüß Gott, meine lieben Katzen, because since yesterday we are officially in Oktoberfest, today we have Bavarian food, directly from Kronstadt. 😀 Well, what to do, globalization. :))

I searched for a day through recipes to see what to choose for today and I must admit that it was extremely difficult. In the end I chose things that are done quickly and that are not very complicated… ja, genau, I thought of you. 😉 Krautsalat, Kartoffelsalat and Wurstsalat. Can you guess the common theme? 😛 Sehr gut !!!

As you will immediately discover, this is what we usually eat in Siebenbürgen, just a bit modified. 🙂

Krautsalat or cabbage salad: white cabbage, finely chopped with a sharp knife, tossed in a bowl with a pinch of salt and rubbed by hand. In a cup you make a dressing of sunflower or rapeseed oil, with white wine vinegar, finely chopped white onions, finely chopped sour apple, salt, pepper and cumin. And if you’re not vegan, you can decorate the salad with some bacon. Pork bacon. (You find at Lidl).

Kartoffelsalat or potato salad: a large pot of boiled red potatoes in the shell – the best are those that do not crumble, let cool and cut into round slices. Some sauce made from highly concentrated soup, wine vinegar, salt, sugar, pepper, chopped white onions – bring to a boil, then pour it warm on the potatoes. Sunflower oil, some sliced sour cucumbers and some chopped green onions. A dusting of cumin. Eat it like this or as a side for some pork chop.

Wurstsalat or salami salad: a few slices of peasant beef parizer (local type of baloney), from the neighborhood store (you can use ham salami, or sausages, or something else), sliced radishes, thin slices of cucumber, chopped dill. Salt, pepper, oil and vinegar.

With black or white bread with potatoes, Bavarian pretzels – see recipe here – and beer. Or garnish with some Dacian grill, with several kinds of meat and (at least) a small tray of sheep and beef minced meat rolls.

Gutten Apettit!

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