Ep. 38 – quick winter salad

Boiled potatoes, finely chopped, after cooling (preferably red potatoes, because the white ones become powdery). Boiled chicken, finely chopped (chicken breast, thighs, it does not matter). Some chopped celery. Or chopped green parsley, depending on what you have around the house. Baked red peppers, also cut into small pieces. Salt and pepper. Mayonnaise and pickled tarragon sauce, plus some tarragon juice. Another option would be with fresh tarragon and some lemon juice. If you use baked peppers in vinegar, make sure it doesn’t come out too sour. Mixed. Ultra good. ? Disaster !!!

The vegetarian variant would be without chicken, possibly with some smoked fish (smoked mackerel). Or with eggs. Or with nothing. :))

Instead of the classic beef salad.

See here all the disasters in the kitchen.

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