Ep. 35 – apple tart

I intended to make a plum tart, only to find out that I had no edible fruits, while I had already made the dough. So an apple tart came out, a really good one. :))

Three large apples, cut into cubes and put on the fire, in a saucepan (sugar is optional), until softened, at the end, add some cinnamon and a tablespoon of butter. Well, butter, why? Because the recipe comes from overseas. ? Leave it to cool and make sure they have not too much juice, in which case you will have to keep them more on the fire and you will have to sprinkle some more semolina on the dough, when you bake them.

Classic tart dough: 150g butter, 350g flour, salt, 1 egg, 80g sugar, 4-5 tbsp. of cold water kneaded with the mixer and / or hand, then put in the fridge for at least half an hour. From two thirds (applied mathematics: P) comes out a round sheet for the bottom, then you add the apples and from the remaining dough, cut into strips, the model below is prepared. Or another, depending on creativity and inspiration. ?

Bake on the medium heat for 45 minutes – an hour. Try not to burn it. ?

I thought it would be a disaster again, but in fact a very good tart came out, even better than the one from Mc Donalds. ?

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