Ep. 36 – mango smoothie

Useful for the holidays, when you hope that this year will be the last time your friends visit you. :)) Or, even better, when you want to test his beloved love – if he drinks the glass to the end and does not run away eating the earth, is a catch, keep it, because a better one will not be for sale at the store. ?

Take a ripe mango, freshly cleaned and throw it in the blender. Add half an ripe avocado. Plus a handful of almond flakes. Blend the ingredients. At the end, add some orange juice (100% fruit).

This is the basic version, vegan, gluten free, lactose, gmo, super bio, eco and… with a rather dubious taste :))) If I did it a second time (please, don’t !!!) I would improve it with many spices, such as cinnamon or cardamom, and with some Porto wine :)) Or in the most unfortunate case, gin or vodka :))

2 glasses came out.

No person was killed during this experiment, successfully surviving to another successful disaster. ?

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