Ep. 9 – Strawberry Cake

It is a simple, seasonal recipe, with a sponge cake and almond flakes, syrupy with amaretto and a cream of yogurt, cream and strawberries. The recipe used for inspiration had the cream made from strawberry puree, cream and food gelatin – you can try that too, if you are not a major disaster in the kitchen. 🙂

It looks fabulous because it is obviously made by professionals aka Chef. :)) My contribution besides washing dishes was to separate the eggs (egg yolk from egg white) by hand, on which occasion, I ruined a couple. :)))) I would say I can’t put on my resume that I’m an expert in eggs… 😀

In the meantime, I’m dreaming of some strawberry mousse and a tart… I’ll keep you posted if I manage to burn something else. :)))

See here all the disasters in the kitchen.

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