Cookingbookclub 11

Well, I know you’re wondering to whom will belong the Youtube channel I’m proposing to you this month at #cookingbookclub. Did Claudia start vlogging? Come on people, how disastrous I am, do you want to have nightmares next month? 😛

From the #321sourcesofinspiration, from which we have already tried 3 sites offered by store chains and a book, today it’s time to go on Youtube. Of course there are hundreds of sites in all languages ​​of the world with recipes of all kinds, more or less edible. But because the gang and I are Jamie Oliver fans, I’m sending you to his channel today. No, not for his recipes – we tried them at the end of last year and we may return to them next year – but for his friend and mentor, Gennaro Contaldo.

Gennaro is among those who do not think you have to go through gastronomy school to cook healthy and tasty. 🙂 You can look through the recipes he cooks himself on Jamie’s channel or the recipes that he cooks with Jamie and his family. Or you can go directly to his Youtube channel. Yes, is in English, but yes, is video, so it is easy to make it at home even for those that don’t speak the language (it may also have subtitles, check for yourselves).

Like last time, I recommend trying new recipes, things you don’t usually cook.

The deadline for reading, choosing a recipe, trying, photographing and sending feedback is October 10th. (Just a picture and a link to the original recipe.)

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