[firstaidinthekitchen 3] – when you hit yourself on the cupboard

For reasons beyond my control, disaster as I am, I have a bad habit of getting into various objects in the kitchen. The most memorable are hitting my head on the cupboard’s doors or on the window (the subconscious hurts even now :D). It is important not to dislodge the furniture or personal limbs at the same time. 🙂

This kind of hits are generally treated with indifference or “let’s kiss, to make it pass.” 🙂 Although, in some cases, they can lead to bleeding wounds, in which case see first aid in case of cuts.

Prevention means first and foremost that the kitchen is an organized space (not my case, lol) and with utensils and equipment protected. Otherwise, you need to be careful and to do things without haste. Be careful when you bend over for the oven, be careful when you climb on a chair to reach the hanging cabinets, not to fall, be careful of the forgotten open drawers. And be very careful with damp surfaces, shards, areas where food or oil has fallen. If you drop the oil bottle on the floor – it might happen 🙂 – throw salt on the floor, let it absorb the oil, then sweep the salt and wash with stove degreaser, rinse and dry.

First aid in this case means assessing the blow; a simple bruise will pass in the next few days; a wound is cleaned and covered with a compressive bandage or patch; if the affected person complains of severe pain, hit in the head/ back, fell, vomited, is incoherent, then call the emergency services as soon as possible.

As a general idea, at least once in your life you should take a practical first aid course at the Red Cross or elsewhere (ask beforehand if the course is only theoretical or has a practical part). Also, you should have a mini first aid kit on hand – you never know when you’ll need it. 🙂

Bibliography: European First Aid Manual, 2006; International First Aid and Resuscitation Guidelines, IFRC, 2016.

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