Cookingbookclub 7 | Lidl’s recipes

As you can remember, this year we are cooking from #321sourcesofinspiration, the first being Lidl Kitchen. Check below some of the recipes tried by our gang. 🙂

Focaccia with cherry tomatoes – the recipe here – I replaced a quarter of the amount of flour with wholemeal flour.

Banana and yogurt muffins – recipe here – Oana preferred the cake pan, used buttermilk instead of milk and didn’t put any sugar in it… 🙂

Walnut and cheese salad – the recipe here – with white cheese instead of blue cheese and simple dressing instead of cream. Edible. 🙂

If you have tried recipes, you can post the pictures directly on our Facebook page – here. If you haven’t taken pictures, no problem. 🙂 And if you haven’t had time to cook, don’t worry, there are still months in the bag… sorry, year. 😀

On Tuesday we will have a special with a recipe also from Lidl Kitchen, colorful and full of vitamins. Plus spinach. 😛 (Did you make it? No way Jose!!!) :))

Our club’s next virtual meeting will be in early March.

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