Ep. 98 – Black Forest gâteau 

Out of love for you (and especially for me: P), Chef made us the Black Forest cake today, the famous German cake also known as the Black Forest gâteau or Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte.

The cake, in its original version, contains four main ingredients: a chocolate top, cherries, whipped cream and cherry liqueur (sour cherry).

In our slightly modified version, the cream is mixed with mascarpone (to be eaten by family members who are not fans of cream) and the sugar is reduced to the maximum.

Top: 8 eggs, (240g) 8 tablespoons sugar (6 brown, 2 vanilla sugar), (200g) 8 tablespoons flour, 70g black cocoa, 6 tablespoons oil, 4 tablespoons warm water, a sachet of baking powder, a pinch of salt.

Beat the egg yolks with 1/2 of the sugar + oil + water with the mixer until the sugar melts, the egg whites + the other half of the sugar and salt are beaten with a hard foam (as in meringues), the flour is mixed with cocoa + baking powder and incorporated with the yolks beaten in egg whites. Bake at 180 C, 30-40 minutes or until fully cooked (if you put a toothpick in the middle it should come out clean). Allow to cool completely in the baking tray, cut into 3 layers, one layer of which is crushed in a bowl and used for decoration.

Cream: 500g mascarpone, 600 ml cream, 75g powdered sugar, 1 sachet of food gelatin.

Mix the mascarpone cheese with the sugar, add the cream and continue beating until the cream hardens. The cream can be stabilized with gelatin (7g gelatin + 30 ml of cold water, let the gelatin hydrate then melt in a water bath and add to the cream, stirring constantly until all the gelatin is incorporated).

Fruits: pitted sour cherries/ cherries, fresh or from compote, 50g sugar, 50ml water, 100ml sour cherry or cherry liqueur.

In a saucepan, bring the sugar, water and alcohol to the boil, add the fruit and simmer until the amount of liquid is halved. Cool completely before use.

For the top syrup: 75g brown sugar + 75ml water boil until the sugar melts and cools completely before use.

Extra: 100g bitter chocolate min. 60%.

Assembly: one layer of top is syruped, one layer of cream and 1/2 of the amount of fruit is added, then the other layer of top is syruped + cream. Cover the edges with cream, line with the pieces of crushed top, decorate the edges with cream decorations and dark chocolate and put the rest of the cherries in the middle.

If you prefer the option of buying a cocoa countertop ready from the store, over which you put cream, cherries and sour cherries brandy, don’t get behind the wheel!!! 😀

It’s disastrously good. It’s just that you can’t get on the scales for a couple of days. :))))

Happy Valentine’s! And don’t forget that the cake is eaten with friends. 😛

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