Ep. 85 – chicken cannelloni

Because in each of us lies an undiscovered nona Traiana, today we have cannelloni. ? Cannelloni, the pasta, not cannoli, the dessert. :)))

It’s the kind of food you’d better eat in the city than at home. At the restaurant, at friends, at your lover. Of course, if you are different (beautiful, but misunderstood as Ava Max says: P) you can try this disastrous recipe at home. At yours.

The most used fillings are minced beef and ricotta with spinach, which in my case is a big hell-NO! ?

As a result, I combined some boiled and minced chicken with carrot and parsnip hardened with a little oil and seasoned with salt and pepper, plus some boiled peas and a can of tomatoes in sauce. Because I had just cleaned what I had left in the fridge. ?

The most complicated step was filling the pasta. With the teaspoon. Time when I would have produced lasagna for the whole neighborhood. :)) Basically a box of cannelloni, in a row, filled my lasagna tray.

On top, cheese and lots of tomato sauce. If the pasta is not covered in sauce, you run the risk of it coming out like mine, half cooked. ?

And like a disaster that you are, will you do it another time? Yes, yes, for sure… :)))

PS: Although I wouldn’t have thought it would happen, I also did round number 2. Because I bought 2 boxes of pasta. ? The second time the filling went much easier (if I pass round 3, I can write on my CV that I am an expert in pasta filling :)))), plus I put more sauce and mozzarella on top.

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