Ep. 84 – super fast veggie borscht

Well, you definitely missed a 15 minute recipe. ? And an improvisation “disaster in the kitchen”. :))))

Look in the fridge and find about two slightly dehydrated carrots and an onion. Clean, wash, cut them into pieces with the fixed idea of making a soup-something. ?

Throw the vegetables in a pot with some water and some vegeta. Go in an action of robbery to the freezer to come with the prey – already chopped celery and Mexican vegetables. Estimate by eye an amount for about 2-3 servings and throw them frozen in the boiling water. Complete with salt, pepper and vegeta, according to taste.

At the end, an envelope of borscht is discovered in the pantry, from which a pinch or two is thrown into the pot.

It takes 15 minutes after they boiled. Unexpectedly good. And vegan. :))))

See here all the disasters in the kitchen.

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