Ep. 70 – ice tea

For the destructive heat outside (or for the heat inside you). 😛

Well, what could be more refreshing than a cold drink with ice? 🙂 And as beer makes you fat and leads to diabetes, today we have a healthy, organic, gluten free, blablabla-free and super delicious version. Sour. 😛

Have a glass. Preferably a recycled Starbucks, to check the fancy part. It is filled with some tea (mixed herbs, picked with your little hand from the shelf, from the supermarket). Look for one without hibiscus and rosehips, to get a beautiful golden color. Prepared and cooled tea, of course. Add ice from the freezer, half a squeezed (bio) lemon and some fresh mint leaves, for the artistic impression.

If it came out sourer than me, you are allowed to add some (organic) honey to the glass.

Drink in the sun, quietly, for an addition of vitamin D. 🙂

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