Cookingbookclub 2

This year’s number two book to read & cook is Appetites: A Cookbook by Anthony Bourdain.

I read it in its days, even though I wasn’t a Bourdain fan, and I liked it. Because it starts with questions like “what do normal people do?” and “what does a normal happy family mean?”, meaning what they eat at home, how they live, etc. That becoming a father at the age of 50, he had to adapt, hence the book that appeared two years before he committed suicide, a book with family recipes for those he loves to feed. 🙂

There are more recipes and more love options on the plate. 🙂 Including sandwiches. 😀 To increase our appetite this spring. ❤

The deadline for reading, choosing a recipe, trying, posing and sending feedback is April 10 🙂 Give me a message to tell you where to find the book 🙂 (among others, Okian and emag).

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