Ep. 33 – yogurt pie

Well, let’s me tell you, I have an extremely complicated relationship with dairy products. But some year ago I attended a course in Bucharest, where I discovered chees puffs. After several years (I told you, complicated) I started to appreciate the cheese pies from Obor. And after many more years, I didn’t turn my nose at my mother’s cakes made with cottage cheese or yogurt. Luckily I had experienced the Turkish and Greek pastries before… Oh and I didn’t tell you that only recently I started to appreciate the cheesecake (you’re a disaster, Claudia! I know ?).

My mother made yogurt pie with what she had in the fridge. Originally is made with yogurt, but if you have to finish cream, cottage cheese and yogurt with different fats, go for it, the worse thing that could happen to you is eating the whole tray alone.?

A packet of pie sheets (of the thin ones, I used 400g of Linco) are divided into three parts – you will use about 3-4 in a layer and put them in the greased pan, one layer at a time, with the sheets individually greased with 125g of margarine melted mixed with oil; on top of the them you add the yogurt mixture. The top layer of yogurt is very thin, the other two layers inside are thick.

Yogurt cream: 8-10 eggs lightly mixed, salt, 150g sugar, 1 vanilla pudding, 1 kg. of 3.5% or 10% yogurt, according to preferences. If you want raisins or more sugar, your problem. ?

You need a deep tray to fit all the pie. In the pre-heated oven, for almost an hour, on low temperature.

UPDATE 05.2020: I updated the quantities for my steak tray. ?

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