Ep. 32 – cake with poppy seeds and berries

This is some unbelievable recipe that I tried.. :))))

Do you know all those beautiful pictures on pinterest and professional blogs with cakes as if they were taken out of the magazine? Well, they’re just in magazines, right? :)))) Because in reality they look like the mixture below. ?

So, at one point I looked for recipes with red currants and I came across a cake with poppy seeds. The thing is, I didn’t get the currants, but I got a new tray, so I said, let’s combine the new tray with the recipe and some berries from the freezer.

Cake top: 125g butter, 200g sugar (yes, I put as it was written in the recipe, who would have thought :))), some salt and vanilla sugar, all rubbed with the mixer, then I added 4 small eggs instead of (I suppose) 2 size M (which are those??? who knows???) and, at the end, 200g of flour, baking powder and 125g of poppy seeds. I spread it in an 18cm tray instead of 24cm – don’t do it like me – greased and lined with flour. On top I put 300g of berries, preferably thawed well and without juice. :))) In the oven on the medium heat to low, almost for an hour.

Well, because I left the low heating, I woke up after an hour that the mixture is not baked, so I had to increase the temperature. :))) And, I guess, because of the slightly frozen fruits and the tray too small, they were left in the middle of the tray. In the end it was ok that it baked and didn’t burn completely. :)))

Out of 200g fruits with 4 tablespoons of jelly (in my case cherry jam, because I had this in the fridge), kept on the fire for about 4-5 minutes and poured over the fruit top, a kind of decoration came out.

It looks like a mega-disaster, but it’s ok to taste, reason to share it with you (now you didn’t think I was showing you inedible stuff, right??). To be consumed after cooling for about 2 hours, with a hot coffee. ?

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