Ep. 17 – Holy Moly Mango Guacamole; Gazpacho

Take an avocado, wait until it ripens (yes, in our village you rarely find ripe avocado), the idea is to have it buttery greenish-yellow and not brown. ?

Then we run a full lunch menu for a really hot day. ?

Gazpacho – two medium tomatoes, half a red onion, a larger cucumber, half an avocado, a handful of green parsley, a quarter of green pepper, cut into pieces (keep a tablespoon of the mixture for decoration), blended, plus some salt, pepper, a pinch of brown sugar and the juice of half a lime. You can dilute it with a little more water, but I liked it the way it came out. Refrigerated for about a quarter of an hour and decorated with the spoonful of preserved vegetables. You will get a 250ml glass.

The original recipes from Spain (Andalusia) are without avocado, parsley and lime, with garlic mashed with some old and rehydrated bread, olive oil and wine vinegar, plus some water. When I get there I’ll test to see what they taste like. ?

Guacamole – half avocado cut into pieces, one tomato and half red onion, finely chopped, two large slices of mango diced, two or three slices of pickled jalapeno, some green parsley leaves and a remaining juice of half a lime, some olive oil. Stir and leave for a while, then serve as a garnish for a slice of pork made in a pan. You can eat with tortilla chips, if you want a vegan version.

Well, either I was very hungry or it came out as it should have, but I licked the plate. :))))

On this occasion I did not destroy anything, but I emptied what I had in the fridge. ?

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