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The initial idea was that I would cook some noodles with soup, based on David’s ideas. But since the plan at home doesn’t match the one in the supermarket, I ended up with a couple of eggplant recipes. I didn’t want to cook just one and let the second one get wilted and thrown away! I also tried another Asian pickle, a quick one, made in a day, because in just 3 hours I did not feel any special difference. 😛

Tingly Honey Glazed Eggplant or eggplant glazed with honey… sounded like a real disaster!!! I took my heart in my mouth and the result was eggplant baked in the oven with almost no leftover. You cut a washed eggplant in half and each half cut it lengthwise and widthwise. On top, you glaze it with a mixture of honey and olive oil, add a pinch of salt and some thin slices of garlic. Bake it at the medium heat for about half an hour or until you see that the eggplant is soft. At the end, pour a little more honey and serve it with some lemon. (Why would anyone want to pour honey on eggplant, only a Korean-American could explain that to us…).

Max’s Chickpea Curry was better. 🙂 A stew or a dish of chickpeas and eggplant with a garnish of rice with cardamom, in which the flavors are mixed and that combines vegetable proteins, vegetables and carbohydrates. Plus it’s done fast! The chickpea curry is made this way: a chopped onion, some chopped ginger slices are hardened with a little oil, you add a clove of garlic and I also put a chopped celery stalk. Seasoned with vegeta, pepper, salt if necessary and curry powder. Fill with a little water and let the vegetables soften. When they are half done, add a can of boiled chickpeas, rinsed and half diced eggplant (if you want, you can soak the slices in the oven beforehand, in a tray on baking paper). If you want other vegetables, the recipe suggested potatoes, cauliflower or cabbage. I skipped them. Also a can of coconut milk… or not. :))) Boil long grain rice with bay leaves and cardamom, plus some vegeta. I boiled it too much, but it was ok, at least I didn’t burn it. :)))))

Quickly pickled sour cucumbers: a sliced cucumber, pitted, put in a jar with pieces of ginger (this obsession is not mine, ok? :)))) and pour over a mixture of soy sauce, sugar and rice vinegar, eye proportions, lightly heated, to melt the sugar and chilled. Leave on for overnight or at least 3 hours.

And pinkcatmajordisaster did you manage not to throw away the food this month? Well, not really, but I’ve been making an effort. 🙂 Because in quarantine I bought more than I should, now I try to consume. And something other than my favorite pasta. :)))) In addition I reduced my shopping. Well, it also helped that everything became more expensive (here is a good thing in all the current mess, lol).

PS: Parsley is for artistic impression. Green. 😛

#cookingbookclub #letsgetgreen! because this year our kitchen becomes green.

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