Cookingbookclub 19

Welcome to a new edition #cookingbookclub, our cooking club, where I propose a book, an author or a site every two months, according to an algorithm only known to me. Lol. :))))

We are thus stepping into year number 4 – wow !!!! – and we will have a theme this year as well, because we will not cook just like that, for the sake of staying in the kitchen. 😛 :))))

If you’ve read yesterday’s article, you already know what it’s all about. This year we are trying to work a little harder on ecological behaviors. So our kitchen is going to turn a little green. We will combine the beautiful with the useful and the books with the eco principles, and we will cook something new, and what we like and speaks to us, and something for friends and family…

Our source of inspiration for the first #cookingbookclub this year is the famous chef David Chang. Became famous after opening his first Momofuku restaurant, he promotes American-Asian cuisine and has many recipes that catch your eye on his website. And if you’ve seen his two documentaries, The Next Thing You Eat and Ugly Delicious, you know what his ideas are about food, respect for it and those who prepare it.

As a result, it seemed like a good choice for the season we are in and to try to find new recipes that would inspire us to cook in such a way as to throw away as little food as possible.

Look for him on the site, on Insta, on Youtube or in the bookstore, because he has about 3 books out, the last one with microwave recipes and if you liked any particular recipe, leave a comment. The recipes I will try will arrive next month. 🙂

#cookingbookclub #letsgetgreen! because this year our kitchen is turning green.

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