Cookingbookclub 16

This month we have a local proposal again. 🙂

I admit that I have no idea who the most famous Chefs in Romania are, I haven’t watched the shows and the chances of recognizing a person on the street are about zero… not that they aren’t very famous, but because I am nonstop with my head in the clouds and with my spirit gone to other lands. 😀

But there is an exception. I know Adi Hădean by mistake, from the time when he was famous rather in the Maramu-Cluj area, because we both had projects financed by a bank in the same round. And because, also by chance, we have similar ideas regarding education in the field, which is why I have been following him on social media for many years.

Adi has had family recipes on his blog and has been running an internship program for young culinary bloggers for several years. Super cool idea. 🙂

Until August 10, you can read Adi, choose a recipe, try it with your friends and loved ones, take a picture and post it publicly on your Facebook/ Instagram page with the hashtags #cookingbokclub #disasterinthekitchen #foodfriendslove and the best stories will be promoted on the official pages of the disasters.

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