Cookingbookclub 9

Well, this month #cookingbookclub is a surprise, even for me. 😀 In theory it was supposed to be a book from which to read and cook together, that maybe we got tired of so many sites…

In practice, it was difficult to choose, because I wanted to increase the accessibility of the fan club. 🙂

From the #321sourcesofinspiration, I chose this month to search through the archive of books published under communism and to cook, at choice, a recipe that reminds us of the times before 89 or, on the contrary, a recipe from a communist book that I’ve never tried it.

I found two books in my family’s library, one with cold dishes from 1976 and a salad book from 1962. From the last one, for example, I learned a synonym for olive oil. 🙂

You will probably find a Sanda Marin or an almanac with recipes or something else, if you search carefully through your personal archive. And if you were born later, here’s a reason to visit your older friends. 🙂

(Well, do people use to cook with avocado at that time? Enter #cookingbookclub and you’ll find out our next meeting 🙂 )

The deadline for reading, choosing a recipe, trying, photographing and sending feedback is June 10th. (Just a picture and a link to the original recipe.)

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