Cookingbookclub 12

Well, the last book and the last episode of this year of #cookingbookclub will also be a site/ Instagram. 🙂 If we jumped from paper to online, let’s do this to the end. :)))) Greaaat, and whose site is it? To Nigella Lawson. 🙂

From the #321sourcesof inspiration, I chose Nigella, because she has thousands of books and TV shows, it’s impossible not to have seen at least one of her recipes. In addition, she has a website, a Youtube page and an Instagram account that I am going to research in more detail, looking for seasonal recipes. 🙂

The good news is that on the site, when you search for Christmas – that is, Christmas recipes, you will find over 100 ideas to choose from. 🙂

If you are not satisfied, because fans of disasters are as fussy as they are, just like the author of this blog, then I recommend the Christmas book from Amazon.

Like last time, I suggest you try new recipes, things you don’t usually cook.

The deadline for reading, choosing a recipe, trying, photographing and sending feedback is December 10th. (Just a picture and a link to the original recipe.)

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