Cookingbookclub 20 | Ikea’s recipes

I went through the recipes in this collection several times, in the end I didn’t cook anything from here, although I saved a few ideas – well, that’s it. 🙂 But I cooked something else, inspired by Ikea’s recipes, because that’s how creativity works in the kitchen, you read one and you cook another. Preferably not a big disaster. :))))

A few comments. Those of us who cook from scratch are accustomed to using the principles outlined by the chefs who worked on this book. Specifically, to use almost everything, to throw away as little as possible and to use the ingredients, depending on how perishable they are. Of course, living in the developed world, with access to food of all kinds, our style has changed compared to 20-30 years ago, so we can make unlimited whims, as a result we throw more than we should. Moderation is the key, I say from the depths of the slightly messy kitchen; creativity helps; and it doesn’t hurt to remember what our grandparents knew. 🙂

Reflecting on what and how I cook, I realized that, in fact, for several years I have been trying to apply what I said above. For example, last month I baked eggplant in the oven, with their peel on. I used the parsley with the stalks. I try to eat the salad as soon as possible so that it doesn’t end up in the trash.

When I was a child, citrus peels were used for cakes – now you can’t do that, because they are sprayed with chemicals. Sometimes it depends not only on consumers but also on society as a whole.

All you can find in the fridge pizza – cheese, olives and some ham, the dough is bought from the store; I slice it, keep it in the fridge for a few days and heat it in the microwave and I’ve solved several meals when I don’t have time to cook.

Vegetable tray – the same principle, I emptied the vegetable from the fridge, in this case brussels sprouts, carrots and cherry tomatoes. Season with salt, pepper, a little oil and bake until done.

Cheese salad – vegetarian, assorted green salad, tomatoes and feta; simple dressing with oil and lemon.

And if you’ve done it once, it works many times over. What I wish to you too. Until next time, have fun destroying recipes. 🙂

#cookingbookclub #letsgetgreen! because this year our kitchen becomes green.

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