[thegreenkitchen2] – this year I use leftovers creatively

Welcome back to the green kitchen! How are you doing with food throwing? I hope it didn’t end up in the trash and that you used the strategies from the previous article. And here’s another bonus: the money saved from things that don’t go to waste for a month, you can use it on something that you really like. For example cakes, a massage or a movie with friends.:D (Peopleeee, I hope you didn’t throw away cakes, that we are no longer friends! :)))))

Well, let’s see what we learn today. The theme of our green kitchen (eco-friendly, not moldy, lol) is how to use food scraps in the most creative way possible so that they don’t end up in the trash. You see, as in the math exercises, variations on the same theme. 😀 😛


I buy food from all groups

I buy mix of fresh/ frozen/ canned and seasonal

I buy from the discounts


I cook the ingredients separately, whenever possible

I use dressing and sauces separately

I use microwaves & storage containers


I pack the leftovers

I order from restaurants with creative chefs

I order through discount applications

Honestly, if I couldn’t be creative in the kitchen, we wouldn’t have this series now – or this blog. Because I’m neither a cook, nor a housewife. And I eat because I am hungry, not because I’m a gourmet person. Plus I’m a bit of a disaster, searched and verified (ok, I’m destroying less since the blog :P). But I have invented so many recipes that I admit that I have major problems with most menus in Romanian restaurants…

And this time the strategies are as simple as possible. First of all, vary what you buy, so that you have as many different recipes as possible, even on whims, so that you have less food left. If you are left with leftovers, then they should be cooked separately – potatoes, pasta, rice separated from meat and vegetables, salad kept separately from dressing, etc., because they will have a longer shelf life and you will be able to recombine them, for example if you do not want to eat the same thing three days in a row.

Here’s how we do it: We have a larger steak on Sunday. What’s left, we put in the fridge, because it’s good for lunch or dinner in the next few days. And if we ate potatoes on Sunday, we would have pasta on Monday and vegetables on Tuesday.

Another option is to cook more portions and freeze the excess. This extends the duration up to three months.

I recommend microwave and food portioned in containers, because it is very easy to reheat it in a very short time. If you are not a fan, use the stove, oven, toaster, etc.

If you buy from the discounts the food that approaches expiration date or order through discount applications, be aware that you have to consume it immediately, otherwise you risk throwing it away.

As both store chains and restaurants begin to become concerned about food waste, you will find suggestions on their websites. Basically, this can also be a criteria for buying from one location or another.

Well, and how creative is creative? 😀 Take a look at the #disasterinthekitchen articles and get inspired from there. And tomorrow we will have a new #cookingbookclub proposal to help you practice your creativity in the green kitchen. 🙂

#letsgetgreen! because this year our kitchen is turning green. Read all the episodes here. And if you’re a beginner disaster, here is a crash class in cooking.

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