[cakesandcoffee 21] – trifle to start the year

Morning from 2022! We start the year strong, with recycled leftovers of cakes and other stuff in the fridge, to make room for the next disaster! 😀 😛

From last year I had to try a recipe for dessert from Aunt Martha Stewart. The classic trifle is actually an English recipe and consists of a syrupy sponge, a cream and fruit or fruit jelly, all nicely arranged in a large glass bowl and covered with whipped cream. There are n variants, for all preferences, including visual ones – one-layer or two-layers. LOL.

I made individual portions, because I forgot that I actually have a bigger bowl around the house. :))) The sponge was a muffin with cocoa and grated apples, cut into small pieces and covered in a syrup with pineapple juice and Amaretto (you can use compote or the rest of the champagne :)))). I preferred to use quince puree instead of cream, but you can put pudding or something else that you like. Above, some raspberry leftovers. Whipped cream and homemade chocolate sauce.

Super good, although it needed more some sugar. 🙂

Along with a large cup of hot coffee. And a book to read. 🙂

If you didn’t like it, it means you didn’t put enough alcohol in the dessert. :))))))

May our year be sweet and colorful! And let’s keep our humor, because the ideas for destroying recipes are endless…

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