Cookingbookclub 16 | Adi Hădean’s recipes

I don’t know why, but I don’t feel like cooking this time of year. Either my brain is on vacation or it’s from the heat. 🙂 So today we have a recipe instead of the recipes…

Plus I like what Adi’s mother cooks, all those pies that look great in pictures, but I’m not allowed for a while. 😛

Well, after several days of searching through his old posts, I chose a recipe with chicken and zucchini, for obvious reasons, from ingredients in the fridge/ freezer. 🙂

Chicken legs with zucchini and cherry tomatoes is called the recipe, which you can find here, and which, modified, did not turn out super disastrous. Even though I burned the tomatoes a little… :))))))

In my case it was a chicken leg cut in half, washed and cleaned of skin and put in the jena tray with a zucchini, cut into thick slices, half a red onion cut julienne and about 2-3 tomatoes cut in four. Because cherry tomatoes we eat in winter time, from the Italian greenhouse. 😀 Plus some recycled peanuts from the pantry, thyme and chopped green parsley. A drop of olive oil and very little water. Bake for about 45 minutes or until the meat is done.

Adi also puts wine and makes a paste from peanuts, parsley and spices. I imagine it tastes super good, if you have the patience, you can try it.

To be eaten with a matching salad, it is more of a diet (or healthy food as it is called in our country 😀 ).

Pies, when it’s freezing outside. 😀

#foodfriendslove and whatever would be, don’t forget to enjoy the food, the sun, the earth and to breath <3

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