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Dear disasters of the wide world, directly from our colorful studios, we launch today the first season of the Crash Course in Cooking. The season has 6 episodes and is intended for all those who want to cook from scratch, without having cooked anything before.

One thing I’ve learned in recent months is that you never know when you’ll need to make your own food or make bread, because you’re stuck in the house for three months. 🙂 You will not become a professional chef by reading these special episodes, but you will surely know where to start.

Why don’t people cook?

First of all, they don’t have time. I will show you that it doesn’t really take that long if you learn to plan and organize; and especially if you have the right utensils… not to mention the magic pots. 🙂

Secondly, they have nothing to cook with. That’s why we’ve put together a list of utensils you can start with and a list of wonderful ingredients. Bonus you get the magic salad’s formula!

Last but not least, I’ll show you how to find the right recipes. There are millions of sites and books, but you can start by choosing simple, familiar recipes that you like and that you may have eaten before, in order to have a term of comparison.

Don’t forget that even in the kitchen, everything is trial and error! Through regular practice you will go from simple recipes to complex ones, until you will be able to cook with your eyes closed. 🙂 And don’t forget to be creative and adventurous! 🙂

Are you ready? Let’s begin! Episode 1, the utensils.

No matter how disastrous you are, you can learn to cook in your own kitchen (or you can burn your friends’ kitchen, no problem :P). Read here all the episodes of the CRASH COURSE IN COOKING brought to you by #disasterinthekitchen. And get to work, come on, we want to see some photos! 🙂

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