Cookingbookclub 15

Hello to a new edition of cookingbookclub, number 15. Today’s proposal is Ina Garten, or Barefoot Contessa, a nice gourmet lady, born in the same year as my father. 🙂

If you watch food shows, you’ve probably seen at least one recipe tried by Ina, even if you didn’t pay attention to the presenter. 🙂 It has two shows on the Food Network and a lot of books, a lot of French recipes, things that are done quickly and look fancy, you will see that you will like it. 😀

In addition, you have the opportunity to search the internet for Barefoot Contessa and watch a classic movie. 😛 With friends or family, with good food, zen and relaxation.

You can choose any book from her, whether you find it at the bookstore or library, on TV, if you have or, if not, you can choose from the recipes on her website, on the Food Network website or on Youtube.

Until June 10, you can search for Ina Garten, choose a recipe, try it out with friends and loved ones, photograph it and post it publicly on your Facebook/ Instagram page with the hashtags #cookingbokclub #disasterinthekitchen #foodfriendslove and the best stories will be promoted on the official pages of the disasters.

#foodfriendslove and whatever would be, don’t forget to enjoy the food, the sun, the earth and to breath <3

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