Cookingbookclub 14 | Jamila’s recipes

The good thing about Jamila is that she has instructions, text and video. So from the three combined you should have an approximately similar product at the end. I insist on the word “approximately” because obviously I didn’t really get what she had in the pictures. :))))))

That’s why the old cookbooks were good, with “flour as it contains”, because you didn’t have pictures and no matter what came out at the end, you could brag about a perfect product. :)))))

I could have cooked anything from her, but I happened to want buns and I remembered my friend saying that the recipe for hamburger buns is very easy. Number one attempt turned out to be ok, the second one turned out to be a disaster. :))) But we will try again. 🙂

Luci made mucenici (have no idea yet how to translate them), very good ones. 🙂

And you? I hope that whatever you tried turned out to be an edible disaster. And if not, just keep on doing. 😀

#foodfriendslove and whatever would be, don’t forget to enjoy the food, the sun, the earth and to breath <3

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