Ep. 113 – Transylvanian pizza

When we were kids, my mother learned this pizza recipe, I think, from a neighbor. A recipe she keeps on making even now, when we don’t feel like making the classic pizza dough. It’s disastrously good. 🙂 So good, that I preferred it on NYE, instead of stuffed eggs. Yup, familydisaster and not (too much) uptight. 😀

The pizza (I named it Transylvanian, to distinguish it from other types of pizza) is actually a kind of quiche, although it does not have a tart dough, but a liquid dough. It’s like a kind of salted sponge cake with salami, vegetables and cheese – for those new in the kitchen. 🙂

Dough: 4 eggs, 1 cup milk, baking powder, 1 tablespoon margarine (butter), 1 1/4 cup flour. Beat the eggs with the mixer, add the baking powder quenched with a little vinegar or lemon juice, then alternately pour the milk and the flour, finally add the fat.

Pour the dough into a tall, rectangular tray, greased with fat and lined with flour (or baking paper) and add what you want: salami/ ham/ cabanos or sausages, mushrooms, vegetables, etc. The mother sautés a little sausage or cabanos, mushrooms, onions and bell peppers and then puts them in the dough. Don’t forget the cheese or mozzarella cut into small pieces.

Well, you usually make the pizza with the leftovers from the fridge. 🙂

Before putting it in the oven, grate some cheese on top and cover with beaten eggs. As you see fit. 🙂

Eat it with ketchup or homemade sauce: chopped tomatoes with a little sugar, salt and other spices or one or two cans of tomatoes in broth, boiled until reduced and you have a thick sauce.

(Is it suitable to celebrate June 1st? It’s disastrously perfect for that. :D)

Eating it, you die slowly, like in Transylvania. 🙂

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