Special ep. [fromquarantine] – chicken fajitas with salsa

Unlike you #poorpeople, I semi-isolated myself at home with Chef on call. 😀 Something that came bundled with conversations like:

I’m hungry, what do we make to eat? A sandwich?


We could make a pizza, but it takes a while.


Well, then…

Take some meat out of the freezer, we make fajitas!!!

That we did. 🙂 More precisely, Chef did it and I ate, because that’s how the roles in the disaster kitchen were divided. :))))

Fajitas in Mexican cuisine or Tex-Mex means grilled meat (usually chicken or beef), eaten in a taco or a tortilla.

Chef sliced some quickly thawed chicken breast into microwaves, seasoned it with almost the whole pantry (salt, pepper, vegeta, oregano, a loooot of cumin, etc.), then tossed it in the pan with some oil. When it was almost done, he added strips of green and red bell pepper, plus some red onions, turned them two or three more times and that was it. 🙂

The salsa was made with chopped tomato broth – as in quarantine -, chopped red/ green onions and some pickled jalapenos.

To be eaten with tortillas or thawed pita. Yup, pandemics’ best friend in disasters is the freezer. 🙂

See all the kitchen disasters here. 🙂 If you try the recipe, don’t forget to post pictures on our facebook page.

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