Ep. 90 – pork and rice salad

Pork and rice salad. With Granny Smith apples, nuts, honey and thyme. If I translated correctly from Jamie Oliver’s book. If not, that’s what I put in it anyway. :))))

Well, I have to admit that a lot of the salads caught my eye and it was a little hard to choose, but the ingredients in the fridge mattered. On the other hand, I am used to combining rice or pasta with various things and to call it a salad. But pork with rice as a salad, it hadn’t crossed my mind. ?

Jamie uses pork belly in the recipe, which he cuts into small pieces and frys with rosemary and bay leaves until crispy and golden. I used some grilled meat, discovered through the freezer. The disaster in me cut it into small pieces and put it with spices and water in the oven, so that it would be a more degreased version of the recipe. Don’t be like me! Fry the pork. :))))

Then in a saucepan throw about 2-3 Granny Smith apples, cut into large cubes, a few walnut kernels, a tablespoon of honey, salt, pepper and juice from an orange or orange juice. Plus thyme. On the fire until it boils, then bake for about 20 minutes. At the end I added the meat and, says Jamie, some cider vinegar – I put a drop of apple cider vinegar, that’s what I had.

Separately boil basmati and wild rice, then mix with the rest of the ingredients in a salad. Which is eaten hot.

Now if you think the salad looks too monochromatic – lol – then you can enhance it with some red peppers and green parsley, finely chopped and you will have something colorful, like below. ?

Little disaster, did you destroyed the salad? Nope, I just improved it a little. 😛

The recipe is part of the latest book this year from #cookingbookclub, Jamie Oliver’s Christmas Cookbook.

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