Ep. 72 – blackberry jam

Well, first of all, in order to implement this super delicious recipe – and slightly bitter :)) – you need organic blackberries, picked with your little hand from your friends’ garden. You have no friends with the garden, you have no recipe. ?

Secondly, you need gelling sugar – because we only like disastrously fast recipes – and lemons, more precisely their juice. It’s not a must, but the bitterness passes with sourness… ?

Third, in addition to pots or pans, spoons and stove, you must have prepared: scandalous clothes, mop and bucket of lukewarm water and cleaning solution with the smell of flowers (blackberries LOL) and a piece of cloth.

Plus you have to be relaxed, otherwise you might end up with a nervous breakdown instead of jam. :))))

Otherwise, making blackberry jam is disastrously easy. ? In my case, approx. 1.5 kg of blackberries, cleaned of tails and washed, boiled, until the juice reduces and the splashes did not reach the neighbors. :)))) After that 750g of gelling sugar and juice from a lemon. Mix on the fire, until the ingredients are homogeneous, melt the sugar and bind the jam. Put in jars recycled from yogurt, close the lid, put the label and let cool under a towel until the next day.

It comes out slightly liquid, that’s why it’s called jam. ?

After which you spend two days cleaning up the disaster on the stove and near the stove.

Doing it again? I will think about it. :))))

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