Cookingbookclub 4 | barbecue recipes

The last book was The Big Book of Backyard Cooking 250 Favorite Recipes for Enjoying the Great Outdoors.

Lots of meat, salads, fruit tarts, yada-yada, read or do research on the internet for American recipes, because they are all about the same. ? I decided to show you today some unhealthy, grilled, delicious ideas. ? A kind of lateral thinking. ?

Mix of meat and pasta salad with Mexican vegetables. For when you’re bored of the classic potato salad. ?

Toast – on the grill, of course, chopped green onions, grilled pork fat. With any luck, you won’t burn it completely. ? (Do not salivate on the keyboard, please).

What else do we know to do is stew in the cauldron and goulash in the cauldron. Next time, the pictures. ? So that I don’t look through the archive and start giving home recipes made in the country kitchen. :))))

The next few days we have another special recipe, from the category of the disastrously simple ones. ?

The next virtual meeting of our club will be at the beginning of September.

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