Cookingbookclub 3

And we came to book number 3 this year, to read & cook, which is Ultimate Children’s Cookbook.

Well, the beginning of June is approaching, therefore it is a good time to rediscover the child in you (option 1) or to cook with your child (option 2). Of course there is also option 3, both and a little extra. ?

I looked over a few books, I had almost chosen a vegan one (are there vegan books for kindergarteners? Yes, of course, in which he learns that milk sucks because the calf is disposed so that people drink the product, that also requires tons of water… or something like… brrr), but to be honest I didn’t find it too varied, given that there are countless fruits, vegetables, seeds and combinations between them. (More than kale and almond wash). As a result, I preferred a classic, colorful and diverse version.

The deadline for reading, choosing a recipe, trying, photographing and sending feedback is June 10. ? Give me a message to tell you where to find the book. ?

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