Special Ep. – Sibiu European gastronomic capital

Maybe you read about the fact that this year Sibiu is the European gastronomic capital.

Gastronomically, for me Sibiu means Telemea – white cheese, bread and pork, pate and saltines, plus homemade cakes. ? Plus a ton of camps and other projects, and menus, and good food. Sometimes even disastrously good. ?

It’s super funny, if I think that before I stayed in Sibiu I didn’t eat much white cheese, except under certain conditions. :)) Even now I don’t eat, unless it’s from the market from Cibin, from a lady in Rășinari. ?

The bread, after the one with potatoes from the Szekler, the one from Sibiu was the tastiest. Combined with some bacon, Scandia pate or zacusca made by Alex’s mother. ? Whether it’s from the air or from the wind, when I’m in Sibiu I eat more bread than at home.

I’m not telling you about cakes, because you’re going to eat the keyboard. :))) And not about the food I used to cook in the country kitchen on Șteaza. ?

What is certain is that if you have a business in the area, do not hesitate to taste something. Preferably outside the mega-tourist area from Piața Mare – I guess you’re tired of McD, pizza and shaorma. Go to the market, go through the neighborhoods, get out of the city and go to Mărginime, visit your relatives. ?

With a bit of luck, you will have experiences as successful as mine. ?

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