Special ep. – salad for when you have a cold :)

I don’t know if the cold or her older and more beastly sister, the flu, has reached you, but our last weeks they have been with pills, mucus, fever, nausea and sitting at home horizontally. A slightly more horror experience than in other years. ? Reason why, up to the prescription, if you start to feel bad, stay home until it passes + call your family doctor for treatment and avoid crowded spaces, because you risk getting others sick too!

Well, what do we put in the salad for the cold? Iceberg lettuce, green parsley, green coriander (if you accidentally find it at the supermarket), celery, cherry tomatoes, grated white cheese, tangerines, cranberries, plus a dressing of olive oil and lemon.

Whatever it is, combine green stuff with citrus and other things rich in vitamin C.

In case of viruses, hydrate yourself fully – water, herbal tea, soup – and be patient to get well. ?

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