Ep. 29 – some quinces (again)

For reasons beyond my control, autumn came, it got cold (brrrr) and I got a bag of quince. I would have cooked them with some meat, but I thought it was too much effort… I would have turned them into pie, but I’m not allowed carbohydrates… To look at them, well, it worked for about two days, after which I realized that they will spoil and I had to do something with them. ?

So I cleaned and cut them – couldn’t someone invent a quince that cleans itself ?? ? – after which I threw them in a pot with enough water to cover them. It was written on the internet that they should be boiled for about an hour, but mine were jam in a quarter of an hour :))) I kept them on the fire for more than half an hour, then I took the water out in another pot and I measured approximately. To a quantity of fruit I put half the amount of sugar – in my case a cup of sugar to about four ladles of super cooked fruit and half a lime, because I didn’t have lemons. After that, back on the fire for another half hour. Maximum. Mixed continuously so as not to burn them. ? The recipe said that you can put them in the blender before the sugar, but I didn’t need it.

Four jars came out plus what I ate directly from the pot. :)) If you want to season them, you can add cardamom and cinnamon. To keep in the fridge because it doesn’t reach the end of the year. :)))

And what did you do with the juice? Well, I wanted to make jelly. ? But as I’m a disaster, I didn’t realize I didn’t have pectin in the house. :)) I cut the amount in half, over low heat, hoping it would bind into something. :)))) After that I put it in a jar in the fridge, because it will surely be good to syrup a countertop or something. :)))

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